I am Anita Rácz, the owner of the FREEMORE Yorkshire terrier kennel. I live in Tiszaújváros with my partner and my dogs.

Ever since I can remember, I am animal-admirer. Like a children grown up in a block of flats, I did not have a dog, because my parents said: “It is not right to have a dog in a flat on the third floor!”
But after all I spent my childhood in a company of a mongrel dachshund, whose name was Jerry Lee.
I smuggle Jerry home in 1992 from a weekend trip at the rear-window of our Trabant, putting him into a blanket.
My little dog was not nice, he was mocked “cigar-lighter”, but his kindness, intelligence and his character made him the nicest for me. He spent 16 years with us and when he went away, he left huge empty space after himself.
I got my first Yorkshire terrier, Manó, from my partner, as a birthday present. It was love for the first sight!!! This little tuft of hair immediately charmed us off our feet.
A new chapter began in our life. We shared with him not only every part of our flat, but every moment in our life! He was turning round and round with his plastic chicken and we were watching him for hours during playing.
At that time we did not know anything those things like dog-exhibition, breeding. We did not know the regulations of the standard, how do we have to attend the fur of Yorki to be such shiny, silky and long, like the dogs on the exhibitions.
I visited more and more exhibitions with Manó, where I was listening to the critiques and the exhibitors with great enthusiasm. I realised, that the good anatomical building and the nice head are not enough; we have to pay attention not to be too big or too small. Unfortunately my dog became mini in his size, so he was not suitable for breeding and taking part in exhibitions. On the exhibitions I met several breeders, later friends, who helped me. Special thanks to them! From that time I can rely on them.
After totally knowing the species of Yorki, we bough our first female dog, named Design with long and aware procedure. As she was growing we would like to show her on exhibitions and after the good results she got, we started to breed, so she was the founder dog of our kennel.


To increase our kennel, in 2007 we bought Gipsy-Klementina from the Silver-York kennel. Tina was not able to do well on exhibitions, but she has very good nervous system and she has really prominent capabilities.
Me and my partner discussed, that our first aim is to succeed in taking part on exhibitions, so after a year I bought the first male dog, Silver-York Lucky, and he was followed by Kiss Forever of New Deal from one of the best known kennel of the country.


We try to give our puppies to conscientious owners and after it we pay attention their life to get experiences about the quality of the given copulation.
Of course we help the owners of the puppies to solve the problems during the training of their dogs, they can consult with us and they can ask for advice, if they need in the future.


The aim of our breeding is not the quantity but the quality, to pay attention to the favour of the species of the Yorki, breeding only standard dogs. It is a huge challenge in the view of our future! I believe that with deliberate copulations, with international connections, with lot of learning and growing the puppies in family environment, I can achieve that the FREEMORE kennel has noticeable place in the world of dog-breeding.

I would like to say thank you to Mrs Gábor Putnoki, Zsuzsa (Silver-York kennel) for sparing no pains helping me on my way.
I would like to express my thankfulness to Barbara Szakács and her mother, Katalin (Devils of York kennel), to Katalin Radvánszky (Of New Deal kennel) and Dr. Zsuzsa Magos veterinarian. 

Anita Rácz
                                                                                                                                           qualified breeder by MEOE

„He is your friend,
Your partner, your guard,
Your dog. You are his life,
His love, the only whom he listens to.
He is yours, he is faithful
and honest till the last beat
of his heart.
You are supposed to deserve this devotion.”